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Water Jet Particle System

Worked out some of the particle system from UE4. It definitely is a bit different unity's particle system. The UE4 system is definitely more comprehensive. I really like how you can have different emitters pretty easily in Cascade (maybe you could do this in Unity too but I didn't know about it then). The modules are also pretty useful. The color over time (Alpha) is either very unintuitive or possibly bugged. I found someone else with an identical problem online that never got solved (or that was posted). Anyways, I worked around it by fading the one part of the particle out in a different way (which is all I wanted to do anyways). I might have to end up changing the type of data module it is. I think for the most part I will want GPU modules since we will probably have a good amount of particles going on screen all at the same time (and networked).

Used this tutorial for basic knowledge then just played around until I had something close to what I wanted: