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Outline Shader Attempt 1

I am using an edge detection shader as a proof of concept for my woodcut shader. I figure if I take the edge detection shader, change it to all edges (not just outside), tune it, and change it to being on white/tan (more papery looking), we could be getting towards a decent prototype. I currently just have it applied to the basic 3rd person Unreal tutorial guy. Lots of math went into this, and this is precisely why I want to get a masters (so I can better understand it). I understand the general concepts but not some of the nitty gritty. I want to be able to just whip this out and be able to write it from scratch. That being said, I understood a pretty good amount and understood why things were happening!

Thanks to Dean Ashford for a nice tutorial:

Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7vJi4zKlts