• sayers

Making a Rice Field

Okay, this actually went better than I first expected!!! I decided to approach the rice field from what I thought was a slightly cheating way (aka putting a bunch of planes at 90 degree angles and just billboarding onto them). Nope. Turns out that is the way A LOT of games do it. Including, I believe, Ghost of Tsushima. I have stared at that Pampas grass a lot. First, I created an 8x12 array of crossed planes. I then just went in and randomly moved them about to make them look slightly more organic. I then just had to create a material that I could put onto the planes and I was done! At first however, I tried using a grass texture I got from the internet and I ended up making terrifying looking sideways hair looking texture. Maybe useful for a horror game in the future, but not for now.

First Drawing with my new tablet (: