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With Shader


I AM SO EXCITED!!!! It worked!!!! I have an outline shader with a variable dilation (which makes it appear more like a woodcut) along with a cel shader! And they play together!!! I'm really excited. I am apparently 1 month ahead of schedulte. I had some problems for a bit with the cel shader then I realized the materials I had on the shapes had emission. Duh. Once I fixed that (and remembered to change my new CLUTs to clamp not wrap) it looked great. I am very proud of myself. This will be the primary shader for 2D or not 2D. I still have some things I want to add to it, but the base of the shader is definitely there. A few more things I would like to add:

  • play with different CLUTs

  • make it look more like watercolors OR ink (probably have to try both)

  • adding paper texture very very lightly in background (rough grain but regular)