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Baby's First Shader

I did it! I made my first distortion shader. Thank you to Ben Cloward for his excellent youtube tutorial series. Turns out using Max MSP and PD was super useful for learning node based programming. Basically it is the same idea. Which makes my life a lot easier.

This actually wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. Mostly it just involves moving a UV map according to a RGB random noise texture sample and multiplying time by the texture coordinates. Although I wouldn't have necessarily at this point thought it up myself, I definitely followed it and was like "Oh. Of course. That makes sense." It only used a few types of nodes. A nice part of the tutorial that I felt could be streamlined was copy pasting the whole RGB noise map part of the node code (while modifying a few variables) to get more randomness. I will probably mess with soon instead of doing that multiplying some sort of noise. Excuse the crappy gif, I will make a better one soon.

I will probably be doing a big backlog of posts with some of the major notes the tutorial series, my pitch for this summer's game, and a postmortem/asset dump of CMUBuggy.

Video Series I am following: