Lohsten and Foundalf

Lohsten and Foundalf: Is This Your Lover? is a game created for the 2021 Global Game Jam themed Lost and Found.  

Have you ever lost your lover? Were they magicked away by a drunken wizard and transformed into a trinket that would adorn his shelves? If not, then you must not have lived in the village of {Village Name}, where such events are a regular occurrence! In Lohsten & Foundalf: Is This Your Lover? you play as the apprentice Lohsten, who is working to reunite the lost lovers by piecing together the clues given by their partners.


Trento von Lindenberg: Producer, Sound Designer

Olivia Lynn: Programmer

Sydney Ayers: 3D and Texture Artist

Lisa Lo: 3D and Texture Artist

Austin Garcia: 3D Artist and Texture Artist, Voiceover

Kathryn-Mae Eiland: UI/2D Artist, Texture Artist


While developing Lohsten and Foundalf, we knew that we had to play to our strengths as a team.  We had three 3D modelers, so we created an extremely prop-heavy game.  We made a giant list of props we could make and just decided to get through as many as we could.  We ended up creating 42 different interactable props with hints attached in 24 hours - all without losing sleep.  I am incredibly proud of this project because of the sheer quantity we produced while still doing so in a healthy manner.