Monk Simulator

Monk Simulator is an experience built for Ludem Dare 47, focused on mindfulness and the cyclicality of life. By living the daily life of a monk - performing tasks such as watering a plant, meditating, and brewing beer, the player loops through the endless everyday of one devoted to peace and harmony. 


2D or Not 2D

   In this platforming adventure game, you play as a guardian spirit of an ancient village, tasked with finding and recruiting other spirits to aid the village. Inspired by games like Okami and Paper Mario, you take the form of a woodblock print able to move in both 3D and 2D space -- allowing you to traverse up walls, through tight spaces, and over large gaps!

Plant Planet

  In this local multiplayer game, take charge of your space-based farm (SPARM).  Compete to see who can water the most plants in a flying waterlander.  Only one of you can land in the Hall of Farm! 


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Sydney Ayers is a Los Angeles-based Technical Artist and Game Designer.  She is currently getting an MFA in Interactive Media and Game Design at USC.  While not creating art-tech works, she can usually be found playing board games or baking.

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Steam Name- littlebluelight

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Potion Craft

Katamari Damacy

 Overlight - TTRPG

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